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Integrate Planyo with your Jimdo website - display resource listing

The integration is done by inserting the HTML code of the Planyo plugin into a single webpage in your website. In this tutorial, the plugin will by default show the resource listing. The same plugin is also used to display all other steps of the booking process, and in the 2nd part of the tutorial we will add a search box widget -- the results of the search will be also displayed by this plugin.


Log in to your Jimdo account. Click on + Add new element


Click on *** Additional elements, then choose Widget/HTML.


In another tab log in to your Planyo account. In this tutorial we'll use the Quick-Setup UI but if you're using the Advanced UI, you'll find the Integration in Settings / Integrate with my Website / Advanced.


Choose the Quick Setup - Settings tab from the navigation menu.


Scroll down to the section Integrate with my website and choose from the dropdown Resource list (adv. integration). Copy the code presented in the box below to clipboard and go to the browser tab with your Jimdo site.


Paste the code you have in the clipboard into your newly added Widget/HTML element in Jimdo.

This is all you need to do in order to have the entire booking process integrated into your website. You can now customize the booking process by editing the templates (see tutorial) and notification emails (see tutorial) in the Planyo backend.

Add a search box (widget) to your Jimdo site

If you'd like, you can now add a search box widget anywhere in your website (usually on the homepage). Submitting the search box will display the search results on the page with the planyo plugin.


In your Jimdo website, create a new Widget/HTML element as described above in steps 1 and 2.


Go back to the Quick Setup - Settings page as described in the tutorial above in steps 3 and 4. In the section Integrate with my website click on the button Advanced integration.


In the section Related pages choose Widgets.


Choose the widget Availability search box.


In URL of the reservation page on your website (with the plugin) enter the URL of your Jimdo page where you pasted the planyo code. Click on the button Get HTML code and copy the code to the clipboard.


Paste the code you have in the clipboard into your newly added Widget/HTML element in Jimdo

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