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“It gives our clients a possibility to reserve in different languages and automates many tasks done until now by hand. Our rustici are now also present on!”
— Verzasca Rustici Sagl
“Planyo is amazing, it allows me to completely forget about my scheduling and focus on the dogs.”
— Dan Johnson, Owner, K9 Kompliance
“The system is very flexible and it could be fully integrated into our existing CMS”
— Alexander Melgui, Hamann-Softwareentwicklung
“I highly recommend Planyo to any business that takes bookings and needs a clean, quality solution.”
— Stephen Bryant - Snowlines Lodge Owner/manager
“I can scarcely imagine being more pleased with another solution”
— review
“They are very reactive and efficient and a pleasure to work with.”
— Liz Lamour, Gîtes et chambres d'hôtes en Bretagne
“It's also actively being updated and improved and the support I've received with it has been second to none.”
— The Rose and Crown Hotel management
“With regards to customisation, planyo is extremely flexible and we find ourselves using it more and more as our business evolves”
— Jane Smith, Director, Hometeam Portugal
“The Planyo system fitted into these needs extremely well, seamless integration with Joomla, excellent back up and support system”
— Dave McErvale, Business owner, Developer, Nathan Squash and Tennis
“Planyo provided an easy and straight forward way to set up a booking page on my website”
— Sheils Barra, Promotions Manager, WOW Island Charter
“Planyo was really the best all in one, cost effective booking system available”
— The Rose and Crown Hotel management
“[Planyo] has reduced my workload massively and best of all our bookings have gone up by 300%”
— The Milestone Detox
“What we appreciate about Planyo is the friendly technology,  good service, economy and helpful staff.”
— Panagiotis Achtypis, CEO Achtypis Tours
“We chose Planyo because it was the only SAAS system with enough flexibility for our complex booking needs”
— Stas Spector, director, Teleport London Videoconferencing Centre
“Planyo is a key tool for us, it's amazing how Planyo can be adapted to any business with amazing features and easy integration into any website”
— David Reig, project manager at MOIXO
“Since implementing Planyo I’m no longer involved with taking bookings, it’s ALL automated”
— The Milestone Detox
“Professionality, flexibility and dedication of the Planyo team convinced us to also develop additional functionalities together with Planyo”
— Ben Klein, CEO, Cater-Ring AG
“We found the system easy to set up, easily integrated with our website and the reporting and client notifications excellent”
— Jim Reilly, Director, IFA Sport
“Planyo is a very flexible online booking engine that has provided us with all the functionalities that other online booking systems didn't give us”
“Extensive functionality, well-thought interaction between different parts of the system and helpful FAQs make up a very powerful online booking system”
— Christian Gruber, Adventure Line
Booking system for every business type

Booking system for every business type

If you’re close to giving up on finding online reservation software which will work precisely as you need, you finally found the right scheduling system!
Planyo is an online reservation system which can be used by any business taking bookings (for days, nights, hours or minutes, or scheduled events). It's used, amongst others, by businesses offering vacation properties, car rentals, hotels, driving schools, yacht charters, doctors and therapists, conference rooms, tennis courts, car parks, event tickets or any other bookings you could imagine.
If you work with a very large infrastructure, you can also group a number of single planyo sites into a meta site.
Our company was founded in 1997 in Switzerland and we have a long experience in creating professional software solutions that you can trust.

Automate everything

Save your employees time by automating a majority of tasks related to reservations, including design of the booking form, payments, email communication, inventory management.
iPhone app   Android app
  • Increase the number of reservations by giving immediate price quotation and availability information as well as instant booking confirmation
  • Attract more customers by allowing bookings to be made on a PC, tablet or dedicated smart phone optimized pages
  • Accomplish even very advanced configurations with no technical knowledge required
  • You can design all your email communication with the customers, including exact time when emails are sent, conditional sending of emails, special tags which can print any information related to the booking, attachments such as invoice or other attachments (fixed or a dynamically created PDF).
  • Configure SMS text messages sent to the customer or your employees
  • Use one of over 30 supported payment gateways to automatically process online payments or store cards on file on your server
Automate everything
Planyo speaks your customers

Planyo speaks your customers' language

All texts visible by your customers can be customized in any of the 30 languages, including emails and text messages.
  • Back end is available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish) while the front end supports 30 languages
  • Standard email/SMS messages sent by Planyo automatically use the customer's language
  • Your personalized email or SMS messages can be designed separately for each supported language

Trial with no risk or obligations

The first 30 days are always free with no obligations and no need to enter your credit card number. Our technical support is free.
If you don’t like what you see after the trial, move on to another solution. We never require long-term commitment, before or after the trial.
Feel free to contact our tech support if you have any questions or problems.
Trial with no risk or obligations
It becomes an integral part of your website

It becomes an integral part of your website

No iframes or new windows for the booking process! Planyo will be a part of your own web pages. Use our plugins for easy CMS integration, or simply copy/paste HTML code when using other software such as weebly.
Planyo can be fully integrated with your website (SEO-friendly, no iframe) so your customers never need to leave it during the entire reservation process and also post-reservation tasks (adding other products, checking status, cancellations, modifications). All this can be done very easily using plugins for the most popular CMS systems including Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. If not using these systems, you can also do the integration with very little effort. Or, if you prefer, customers can be redirected to your personal pages on the planyo website created for you automatically.
And, there's also a facebook app which you can use on your facebook page.

Extensions and integrations with other software

No other reservation software is as open as Planyo. With a few clicks you can add a number of available integrations or even develop your own!
Using other scheduling applications like Google Calendar? You can accomplish a 2-way synchronization of availability with any system (like airbnb) using iCal feeds plus we have a dedicated Google Calendar sync extension. In Planyo Store you will also find many other extensions and integrations, e.g.:, TripAdvisor, MailChimp, Google Contacts, Expedia, Salesforce, and more. If you need a more customized solution, you can use our extensive API and web hooks to create your own integration, or hire a Planyo expert.
Extensions and integrations with other software
Tailored reservation process

Tailored reservation process

Recurring or multi-product booking, payments & deposits, cancellations, modifications, confirmation and check-in, members-only... No worries, planyo will adapt to your specific needs!
Planyo supports all of these reservation process steps - they are all optional to adapt to your needs:
  • You can use the shopping cart
  • You can limit reservations only to members
  • Booking form fully designed by you
  • The system can take online payments from customers, as a single payment or multiple partial payments
  • Choose from a number of different confirmation methods
  • Planyo supports return tickets and recurring bookings
  • Unit / seat can be chosen visually using a layout map
  • It's possible to allow your customers to do cancellations and modifications
  • Admins can create quotations without reserving the dates
  • Colors can be assigned to reservations manually or automatically

Powerful administration

Specify which resources, schedules and operations your staff members have access to. Six administrative roles including external agents can be used.
Planyo can work with the following user roles: main administrator who has access to everything, moderators who have access to all or some functionalities, as defined by the main administrator, resource admins who can administer only the resource or resources assigned to them, agents who can enter bookings in the name of their customers (the system can also calculate agent commissions), and customers: based on your setup, your customers can also have logins (Planyo will even use your website’s existing login system) or they can always enter their personal details at each reservation without an account.
The system keeps track of administrative actions so you can see which staff member did what and when. The system can also be used for email exchange with customers so your staff members can immediately see the entire context. Email and SMS notifications can be setup for different staff members as well.
Powerful administration
Cloud-based and secure

Cloud-based and secure

... means the set-up is incredibly easy, your data is very secure, the system is always available and up-to-date
All reservation data is kept on our servers. You do, however, have a possibility to backup/export all data through reports, CSV exports into Excel, and for more advanced usage we also offer a Web API. This solution has a number of advantages, including:
  • There’s no software to install, the setup assistant will guide you through the configuration so you can get started within minutes and not days
  • The integration with your website is very easy
  • This approach increases security: you don’t have to worry about backups, viruses, hardware failures etc. We make multiple daily backups and have a very sophisticated, secure and redundant infrastructure to make sure the service never experiences any disruption, even in case an entire datacenter goes down
  • Your system is always up-to-date! There’s no need to keep track of the latest updates, all new features are available to you instantly
Planyo is developed by Xtreeme Sagl. We’re a Swiss company providing IT solutions since 1997.

Reports, setting your availability and pricing

You have endless ways to set up your availability, pricing and create on-demand or periodic reports.
Planyo has an extensive reporting mechanism with over 10 different report types, all highly customizable.
Pricing is defined in form of a very powerful yet intuitive pricing table with over 40 different rules which determine if and how the final price should change. In fact, we guarantee that any imaginable pricing model can be entered into the system, no matter how complex it is.
There are many ways to set availability, ranging from a very quick-to-use daily/monthly schedule calendar to setting recurring or one-time vacations to importing availability (from a CSV file, an external iCal or Google Calendar).
Reports, setting your availability and pricing
Customer site of the week
Snowlines Lodge, Hakuba, Japan
Q: Describe your business. We are a small 12 room ski lodge located in the 1998 Olympic village Hakuba, Japan. Our guests enjoy deep powder snow & affordable accommodation. Hakuba resort and backcountry skiing is fantastic as we receive on average over 11 metres per year.
Q: How do you use Planyo? We use Planyo to provide a seamless online booking engine for our guests both new and returning, we wanted guests to book without hassle and to be confident when doing so.
Q: Describe your experience so far. I chose Planyo because of it's ease to install, endless configuration, reports, online payment function & quality support when you need help. It gives visitors to our site up to date availability and we can add on other products such as airport transfers. I highly recommend Planyo to any business that takes bookings and needs a clean, quality solution.
Stephen Bryant - Snowlines Lodge Owner/manager