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11519 Allisonville Rd
46038 Fishers, US

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Massage iNDY is Indianapolis area's #1 Massage Center.
  • +First Available

    "First Available" allows you to book without having to specifically pick a therapist.
  • -Cassidy_Intern

    With years of experience as a photographer and artist, Cassidy adds an eclectic style to the Massage INDY team. Her experiences in both art and photography have positively impacted her early success in bodywork. She has a calming, earthy presence which lends well to a relaxed, connective session.
  • -Chelsea_Intern

    Chelsea is a hard working young professional with years of experience as a hair stylist. Though she loves doing hair, she has always had a desire to become a massage therapist. As an intern here at Massage INDY, she is experiencing hands-on learning and has been given much praise for her rapid growth from clients.
  • -David

    David studied Sports Medicine in College and also studied Massage Therapy at Professional Careers Institute of Indiana. He graduated with Honors from Professional Careers Institute of Indiana. He played in the CBA for the Anderson Alleycats (2006 – 2007) and also had a college track scholarship (100, 200 and 4 X 100 relay). He trained at Acceleration Indiana for two years and also trained at Velocity Sports Performance of Indiana Trained the 300 Workout.
  • -Erin

    Erin is a holistic healer. Her powerful touch and energy has helped so many people here at massage indy dating back to 2011.
  • -Jacklyn

    Jacklyn is a 2011 graduate in Massage Therapy at the Indiana Therapeutic Massage School. She is skilled in Swedish Massage as well as Deep Tissue.
  • -Li

    Li (pronounced Lee) has been doing massage for most of her life, she says. Her training in China brings a different routine than her fellow Massage INDY Therapists.
  • -Libby_Intern

    Libby is a brand new intern training to be a world class bodyworker. She is highly motivated with a great work ethic. If you would like to help Libby in her development, book her and share with her in your session what you believe makes a great bodyworker. She is off to a fast start and has enormous potential.
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