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Massage iNDY is Indianapolis area's #1 Massage Center.
  • +First Available

    "First Available" allows you to book without having to specifically pick a therapist.
  • -Cassidy_Intern

    With years of experience as a photographer and artist, Cassidy adds an eclectic style to the Massage INDY team. Her experiences in both art and photography have positively impacted her early success in bodywork. She has a calming, earthy presence which lends well to a relaxed, connective session.
  • -Chelsea_Intern

    Chelsea is a hard working young professional with years of experience as a hair stylist. Though she loves doing hair, she has always had a desire to become a massage therapist. As an intern here at Massage INDY, she is experiencing hands-on learning and has been given much praise for her rapid growth from clients.
  • -Christina

    Christina is a certified graduate of the massage program at the University of Antelope Valley in Lancaster, California in 2009. She has practiced massage in California since 2009 before coming to Massage iNDY in July 2013.

    Christina is experienced with Deep Tissue, Swedish and Prenatal massages.
  • -David

    David studied Sports Medicine in College and also studied Massage Therapy at Professional Careers Institute of Indiana. He graduated with Honors from Professional Careers Institute of Indiana. He played in the CBA for the Anderson Alleycats (2006 – 2007) and also had a college track scholarship (100, 200 and 4 X 100 relay). He trained at Acceleration Indiana for two years and also trained at Velocity Sports Performance of Indiana Trained the 300 Workout.
  • -Emily_Intern

    Along with bodywork, Emily is one of the front desk administrators at Massage INDY. She brings almost a decade of administrative experience from the Dental field to help organize and keep our operations running smoothly.

    Some people have the rare "it" factor when it comes to the people side of bodywork. Emily certainly has "it". Everyone who sees Emily, returns to Emily. And that is the highest form of endorsement. Yes she has good hands. Yes she is a quick learner and growing in technical skills. But sometimes the people side of the business can be even more important. Emily dominates in that area.
  • -Erin

    Erin is a holistic healer. Her powerful touch and energy has helped so many people here at massage indy dating back to 2011.
  • -Kristy

    Along with providing bodywork, Kristy is our Director of Events. She is responsible for Public and Private Spa Parties along with Fundraisers for local causes. If you need to host an event or fundraiser reach out to Kristy.
  • -Kylie_Intern

    Kylie is a Muncie native and resident who brings a pleasant personality and a great work ethic. She has quickly generated a following of loyal clients who continue to return. The best evidence of a successful bodyworker is repeat clients. By that measurement she is off to a great start in her bodywork career.
  • -Li

    Li is an extremely gifted and hard working therapist. She has an Eastern based style of training. Her style is deeper and more dynamic than typically found with most locally trained practitioners.

    Her 1,000's of hours of massage experience is a great asset to the Massage INDY team.

    Li's native language is the Chinese language of Mandarin. However, she knows enough English to correspond to your needs. It's safe to say she will do very little additional talking during your massage and focus 100% on your therapeutic experience.
  • -Linna

    Linna has her own style and techniques which make her massage experience distinct and effective. She knows how to lighten up if needed, but make no mistake she is known for her deep tissue.

    Managers Note: While Linna has a good understanding of English, you may want to choose another option if dialogue is important to your massage. However, if a quality, deep tissue massage is the goal, you will not be disappointed.
  • -Lynn

    Lynn is a front desk coordinator for Massage INDY. She keeps us organized and running efficiently.

    Lynn has been in the medical field for more than 20 years. She is an inspiration to us all as she has battled and defeated cancer twice! As an administrator she has a calm presence which helps us in our often hectic, busy times. She gets rave reviews for her facilitating skills of our Ladies Night Spa Parties.

    As a bodyworker, Lynn brings a lot to the table and is a great people person. She is a natural for bodywork and her client feedback is overwhelmingly positive.
  • -MaryKay

    MaryKay has over 15 years experience with Deep Muscle and Sports Massage. She known for her strong hands and therapeutic depth in her technique. Acupressure and trigger point therapy are other strengths for MaryKay.
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