• Gorey

    A 2hr tour along Jersey's South East coastline and up to Gorey, there is the possibility of seeing seals and dolphins. Dine at one of the many restaurants in Gorey for the evening, visit the castle for the day or enjoy afternoon refreshment! This trip ends in Gorey Harbour.
  • Les Minquiers

    Sail down to the Minquiers, step ashore for a picnic lunch and explore the main island before sailing back to Jersey. The cruise down will take approx 2.5hrs, there will be about 1hr ashore and another 2.5hrs for the return cruise.
  • Round the Island

    Sail around the island of Jersey, stopping for a swim and lunch at one of the many bays. Allow 7hrs for this trip
  • Session 1 - Hoisting, Furling & Reefing

    Understand how and be able to hoist sails, operate furling systems and reef.
  • Session 2 - Mooring & Basic Boat Handling

    Understand how to come alongside a pontoon, finger berth and pick up a mooring buoy. Be able to correctly tie on fenders, prepare mooring lines and secure the boat. Understand the tide and weather conditions that effect mooring up. Be aware of some of the different mooring options available globally. Understand the considerations when manoeuvring a boat in close quarters.
  • Session 3 - Tacking, Gybing & Points of Sail

    Know how to tack and gybe a boat and understand the difference. Be aware of hazards and safety aspects of taking and gybing. Be aware of some issues with taking or gybing a cruising catamaran. Know the different points of sail and the effect that these will have on sail trim.
  • Session 4 - Pilotage & Transits

    Understand and use transits. Be able to steer to keep on a transit. Know the purpose of transits. Know sources of information for tides, tidal streams and weather, in particular around Jersey but this can be applied anywhere. Understand the need for planning, including back up plans.
  • Session 5 - Anchoring

    Know different types of anchor and suitability for conditions and activities, i.e. lunch vs overnight. Know about length of chain and warp. Looking for suitable sea bed. Drying heights, depth of water. Preparing the anchor and warp for deployment. Deploying the anchor. Retrieving the anchor. Setting multiple anchors.
  • Session 6 - Man Over Board (MOB)

    Understand the MOB drill. How to retrieve a MOB. The importance of knowing and practicing a method suitable for the boat that you are aboard. Prevention of MOB is the best option.
  • Session 7 - Blind Navigation

    Navigation from A to B without visual aids or GPS.
  • South Coast Bays Tour

    A 3hr tour taking in St Aubin's Bay, Elizabeth Castle, St Aubin's Fort, Belcroute, the Noirmont Point headland, Portlet Bay and St Brelades Bay.
  • St Aubins Bay Tour

    A tour of St Aubin's Bay, passing Elizabeth Castle, St Aubin's Fort, Belcroute and the Noirmont Point Headland.
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