Drive Table Tennis Social Club
645 Griswold, Suite #144
48226 Detroit, Michigan, US

Telefon: 3134730370
  • Table 1 - Chop Block

    The "Chop Block" table is located in a premium location. It is the closest table to the grille,bar, and lounge area. Perfect for sophisticated socialites who want to play ping pong but want easy access to the other social amenities at Drive.
  • Table 2 - Drive

    Our "Drive" table is a perfect location for you and your guests to have a great time! It's nestled in the corner but is the closest table to the bar. At the "Drive" table another round of drinks is only a few feet away.
  • Table 3 - Top Spin

    The "Top Spin" table is our center court table. This is the perfect table for battling your friends to find out who's the best. Only one winner can be left standing at our "Top Spin" table.
  • Table 4 - Kill Shot

    Only the cool and sophisticated are ready for the "Kill Shot" table. Located in the back of the game room the "Kill Shot" table is great for an incognito game of ping pong.
  • Table 5 - Smash

    At the "Smash" table you can battle hard and still all be friends later. Located in the back of the game room, our "Smash" table is great for talking a little trash, poking a little fun, and then laughing at each other over a drink.
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