Studio M » Studio M
Room Size: 7'x10'

Capacity: 3-4 persons maximum

Gear: Yamaha Upright Piano, Music stands, Amplifier/PA (as requested)

Studio M is an excellent room for individual practicing whether it’s piano, bass, horn, or vocal. This room is also in high demand for teaching, vocal coaching, or duo/trio horn sectionals. It has an upright piano and space enough for up to three of your colleagues to rehearse, minus a drummer. All of our piano’s are being maintained by a team of professional piano technicians. Let us know ahead of time if you would like an amplifier for a guitar or microphone.

> 1 hr - $20
>1/2 hr - $10
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Number of persons:   2
Studio name:   D/E/F/G Room
Refund policy:   24