Nicely decorated apartment for rent in Cannes. Excellent for business or as your holiday apartment in Cannes. It accommodates 4 adults plus 2 children comfortably with its 2 bathrooms and plenty of room.In the living room there are two comfortable settees and in the modern dining area there is a large table and 4 chairs. If you are travelling with a bigger party, than check the nearly identical Magnificent and spacious apartment which is in the same building.

Dodatkowe dane

Airconditioning:   Tak
Terrace or balcony:   Tak
Starting from:   750
Satellite tv:   Tak
Property type:   2 Bedroom
Private parking:   On Request
Mlos:   5
Maxpeople:   6
Main image:   http://cannesdoapartments.com/images/Properties/main/d2b001.jpg
Bathrooms:   2
Listname:   Magnificent and spacious apartment
Distance to palais:   400
Distance to beach:   100
Change over day:   Flexible
Bedrooms:   2
Wifi:   Tak
Planyo posiada nowe Warunki Świadczenia Usług i Politykę Prywatności, które obowiązują od 25 maja 2018 roku. Korzystając z Planyo w tym dniu lub po tym dniu zgadzasz się na nowe warunki (jedyną zmianą jest zgodność z GDPR).