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Tour from Budapest to Gödöllö for 4 hours, starting at 09am and 02pm.

Visiting Gödöllő, a small city located 30 kms
east of Budapest that is famous for its beautiful Grassalkovich Palace (recently restored). The Palace is the second largest Baroque palace in Europe (after Versailles). The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy’s ruling couple Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Queen Elisabeth, known by Hungarians as
Sissi, often stayed in this Mansion built in
“Hungarian Baroque” style in the 18th
century. The main staircase, the gala hall, the Queen’s reception salon, her writing and dressing room, and her bedroom have all been restored to their original condition. The tour includes a guided visit in the palace.

Rate includes private car and English speaking guidance service for max. 3 persons. Please advice hotel details for pick-up.

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