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Discover a hobby for a lifetime; Learn To Sail, Learn From the best, Learn with Aquasail!

At the Aquasail Yachting Academy (AYA) Mumbai, we teach you to sail on a Beneteau 7.5 keel boat, a world class, high performance sports yacht with an open cockpit and heavy keel, making it extremely fast and safe. A rewarding and exciting experience, yacht sailing is largely reliant on nature and the elements. The course begins with teaching the simple basics of safety and sailing skills and by the end of it, you will confidently and independently be able to manage a keel boat within harbor limits, with all necessary knowledge of safety and seamanship skills.

The AYA sailing course takes 6 sessions to develop basic sailing skills and additional 4 sessions for advanced sailing skills. Each session is between 2-3 hours in length. Sessions are held 7days a week and you can fix your sessions flexibly with your instructor with a 12 week period from booking.

- Confidently and independently manage a keel boat within harbour limits
- Basic/ advanced sailing skills
- Safety and seamanship skills
- Develop a lifetime hobby

Gateway of India, Mumbai

42.000 INR Basic sailing course (6 sessions),
28.000 INR Advanced sailing course (additional 4 sessions)
62.000 INR Full sailing course (10 sessions)
5% Discount if booking for 2 or more people
10% Discount if all sessions on a weekday

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