This is the largest apartment of Piaggione of Serravalle and for years was used as the manor house. With its crackling fireplaces, located in the cozy living room, it preserves the taste and the philosophy of everyday rural life. Renovated with all modern appliances, it's located on the first floor of the main farmhouse. The huge living room, the focal point of the apartment, consists of a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room with a hard wood table that was made out of a thirteenth-century church door and a comfortable lounge in which you can feel free to gather to taste the fruits of our labors and local delis. The apartment's night wing, restored in the local traditional style, is composed of three bedrooms, two queen size and one double, a well equipped bathroom with both shower and bathtub. The fabulous private terrace has tables, chairs and even a barbecue and is an ideal space to enjoy the warm summer evenings. Besides the spectacular views that can be enjoyed from the house this is the only apartment to have a direct access to the spa area. La Nostra is beyond doubt the ideal apartment for large families and for lovers of la dolce vita.
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