This is the most informal apartment of Piaggione of Serravalle, smaller than the other two, for this reason it's undoubtedly the coziest and most intimate. It's located in an independent structure from the main farmhouse, to which it's linked externally to La Loggia. What will strike you at first glance in this unique apartment, are both, it's privacy and simplicity. It's composed of a living room with hearth, furnished according to the criteria of simpleness and elegance that leads to a small but functional kitchen. The apartment has two bedrooms, a double and a twin and a bathroom with shower. The highlight of La Capanna is the private garden that is surrounded by vineyards and is the ideal place to relax comfortably undisturbed in the heart of silence. lulled only by the sound of the wind. La Capanna can also boast a private parking and access to La Loggia in the premises of the entrance. Ideal for couples or small families, the apartment is also the closest to the pool.
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Anzahl Personen:   4
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