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Your booking will be confirmed within 24 hours after submitting a booking request. Only a confirmed booking is valid.

Book as many nights as your voucher covers.
Want extra nights? If you want to buy extra nights, please include them in the booking period and in the last step of the booking process, add as many extra nights as you need to your order. Extra nights have to be paid by credit card in the end of the booking process.

Extra nights: 99€/room/NIGHT

Upgrades and supplements - paid after booking confirmation by credit card

- Childs (0-2 years) free
- Children (3-11 years) 20 EUROS/NIGHT
- 3rd adult or chlidren >11 years,40 EUROS/NIGHT

How to book - if you have questions, write to: help@top10travelservice.com
1) Pick dates
- if you purchased several deals, make just one booking, but fill in all voucher codes in the field "voucher code"
- if you want to add EXTRA NIGHTS to your booking, choose the total length of stay INCLUDING all extra nights, but then in the last step of the booking process add extra nights to your purchase and pay for the extra nights online (by credit card; choose Paypal)

3) in Additional Info/Notes, write any any special requests that you may have.

* Pay attention to the voucher code. We reserve the right to cancel bookings made with invalid or erroneous voucher codes. If the company that sold you the voucher issued a separate PIN or security code in addition to the voucher code, please write it in the voucher code field as well.
Planyo posiada nowe Warunki Świadczenia Usług i Politykę Prywatności, które obowiązują od 25 maja 2018 roku. Korzystając z Planyo w tym dniu lub po tym dniu zgadzasz się na nowe warunki (jedyną zmianą jest zgodność z GDPR).