52 - Breaststroke 6 week course - Tue 25th November until 30th December- 7pm to 8pm

swiminbalance » 52 - Breaststroke 6 week course - Tue 25th November until 30th December- 7pm to 8pm
This Breaststroke 6 week course is for you if you can glide and/or swim with your face in the water and would like to develop a graceful and flowing breaststroke that doesn't put a strain on the spine or joints.

The aim of the course is to show you how to craft this extremely elegant stroke, enabling you to take full advantage of its major health benefits.

Breaststroke is easy to swim, but harder to swim well. Shaw Method breaststroke improves the mobility of the neck, shoulders, wrists, spine, hips, knees and ankles. It strengthens and tones the quadricep muscles at the front of the thighs and the hamstrings at the back. Despite being the slowest stroke it actually burns the most calories.

By the end of the workshop you will have worked on:

-Maintaining a healthy head/neck/back alignment during all phases of the stroke
-Perfecting a symmetrical leg action which prevents a twist of the spine
-Discovering how a long glide is at the heart of the stroke: it allows time to release breath and -Maintaining good timing for the arm and leg phases
-Coordinating a good breathing pattern
-Gaining maximum propulsion from the arm and leg action

Maximum 8 participants

Location: HealthCity Premium Den Haag, Grote Martkstraat 157, 2511BJ, Den Haag

Teacher: Esther Visser
Price: €175

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Lokalizacja:   HealtCity Den Haag
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