55 - Butterfly - Workshop - Sat. 29th of November 2014 - 5.00pm-9:00pm

swiminbalance » 55 - Butterfly - Workshop - Sat. 29th of November 2014 - 5.00pm-9:00pm
This butterfly workshop is for anyone who can swim and/or glide with their face in the water. You do not need to be overly fit or strong to learn: swimmers of all abilities have been able to master Shaw Method butterfly. You may have some experience of the stroke, or have never tried it before. The workshop takes you through all the practices for Shaw Method butterfly: great for beginners, and an excellent refresher for those who have received previous tuition in the stroke.
The aim of the workshop is to learn to fly freely. Even if you never thought it possible to swim butterfly, we can show you how to swim a graceful and sustainable stroke. We will demonstrate that despite its image, butterfly is no more challenging than the other three strokes. In fact, pupils who suffer from stiffness, tension or sciatica in the lower back have found relief from learning the Shaw Method way to do butterfly.
By the end of the workshop you will:
-learn how to use your head as the "driver" of the stroke
-understand how the "four-wheel drive" of butterfly works
-achieve a slower and lighter arm recovery
-perfect a gentle and flowing undulation
-develop a steady, even rhythm which allows the water to lift the body
-breathe with ease

Docent: Steven Shaw (assistenten: Hylke Rozema en Esther Visser)

Locatie*: David Lloyd Utrecht, Mississippidreef 161, 3565 CE Utrecht

Aantal deelnemers: max.15

Prijs: max. €110

*onder voorbehoud

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