SNOW Package C | 2 Nights, 4 Meals + 3 day Lift Pass

NORTHSTAR Co. » SNOW Package C | 2 Nights, 4 Meals + 3 day Lift Pass
2 night 4 meals with 3 day lift pass

For those who want to ride full 3 days.

• All packages are available from Friday January 7th, 2017 to the end of the Ski season.
• All the prices are without sales tax and for more than 3 people in a room.
• Surcharge will be added for single person stay for a room ¥3,000 per person or two people stay for a room ¥1,500 per person.
• Kids prices are for family package and must include both parents.
• Mt. Norikura Ski Resort offers Kids Ski Day (Elementary Kids lift pass is free), Matsumoto Area Discount, etc according their lift pass discount system. Please check ski resort web site before reserve lift pass packages.
• To reserve 2 rooms please make 2 reservations.
• Other discounts or coupons are not applicable for the packages.
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