66 - Front Crawl - 6 week Course - Wed 4th of March to 8th of April 2015 - 6pm to 7pm

swiminbalance » 66 - Front Crawl - 6 week Course - Wed 4th of March to 8th of April 2015 - 6pm to 7pm
This front crawl 6 week course is for anyone who can swim and/or glide with their face in the water, and would like to be able swim a smooth, fluid, and sustainable front crawl.

You may be:
-a swimmer with no experience of the stroke
-a swimmer with some grasp of the stroke
-a front crawler looking to transform the efficiency of your stroke
-a triathlete wishing to reduce the effort taken on the swimming leg
You may also be a swimmer who is experiencing back or joint pain that does not respond well to your existing stroke. Whatever your level, this course is for you.

The workshop will take you through all the practices for front crawl beginning with the Shaw Method glide, then it will teach you the leg action, the rotation, the arm action, and, finally, the breathing.

During the course you will discover how to:
-harness the natural buoyancy of your body
-drastically reduce the amount of effort required to swim
-use rotation of the body to maximise streamlining
-recognise the importance of "preparing for movement"

Teacher: Hylke Rozema

Maximum 8 participants

Coursedates and times: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th of March, 1st and 8th of April

Location: De Mirandalaan 9 1079PA Amsterdam

Price: €180 (including 12x badenkaart, giving possibility to practise 6 times between the lessons)

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