Cousin Curieuse St. Pierre (Full Day)

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Visit three islands in one day. Walk with the giant tortoises on Curieuse, watch tropical birds on Cousin and swim with multi-coloured fish on St Pierre.

The cost of the excursion includes landing fees for Curieuse and Cousin which are €12 and €35 respectively, plus a BBQ lunch which will be held on Curieuse Island.

The trip starts at 9am, departing from the Cote D'Or Beach. The first stop is Cousin island where you will recieve a guided tour by the Island Wardens. We will leave Cousin at around 11am and head for Curuieuse. There you can relax on the beach while our skipper prepares a delicious creole BBQ consisting of chicken or fish, salads and local fruits that are in season. After the BBQ our skipper will show you a bit more of the Island. We head back from Curieuse at around 4pm and make a short stop over at St. Pierre where you can take some photos then head back to Praslin. We will be back on Praslin at around 4:30pm.
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Planyo posiada nowe Warunki Świadczenia Usług i Politykę Prywatności, które obowiązują od 25 maja 2018 roku. Korzystając z Planyo w tym dniu lub po tym dniu zgadzasz się na nowe warunki (jedyną zmianą jest zgodność z GDPR).