Liberty Inn, Manhattan’s hotel for romance, caters to couples seeking to spend some special time together in a romantic setting, whether that is just for a few hours or the whole night.

With the most affordable rates for 2- to 3-hour stays, the Liberty Inn offers modern, stylish, and colorful rooms filled with romantic ambience. For 50+years, the go to destination for NYC couples seeking that elusive prize – an intimate yet vibrant setting where they can lose themselves in love. And always at affordable rates!

You won’t find any resemblance here to traditional by-the-hour hotels. Perhaps even more important – you won’t find that boring sameness of ‘standard’ hotel rooms.

Instead, the Liberty is about stylish, lively rooms with lots of features tailor-made for romance, along with an easygoing atmosphere that lets you hang loose and feel good from the moment you walk in.

Our mission – create just the right setting and ambiance for you to enjoy those moments of tenderness, playfulness, and passion that romance is made of – be it for a few hours or all night. 

© Liberty Inn | 51 10th Ave, New York, NY 10014
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