Here at What If Farms we hold regular restorative retreats where we encourage horse, donkey and human interactions in respectful ways, honoring their privacy and
the fact that we are in "their" home, that explore "listening" to the animals and enjoying time with them.

We believe that when we allow ourselves, as humans, to
get into the horse time flow of "being in the present", we can energetically share healing potentials.

We have created a haven for horses and donkeys, who have needed sanctuary, to live according to their most fundamental needs such as:

- Being outside with the ability to go in and out
of shelter as they choose
- Living in a herd environment
- Having access to unrestricted movement
- The ability to graze and forage at will

We rarely use halters and interact with the horses and donkeys at liberty. We have created a Paddock Paradise track, which is an alternative way to explore, enabling domestic horses to live as closely as possible to the way horses live in the wild.

- 20 minutes from the beach at Hobe Sound
- 20 minutes from historic downtown Stuart where you will find charming shops and delightful restaurants, including the well-known Fruits and Roots Vegan Restaurant
- 30 minutes from Palm Beach International Airport
- 1 hour 30 minutes from Fort Lauderdale International Airport
- 2 hours from Miami International Airport
- 2 hours from Orlando International Airport 

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