Planyo Help :: Reservation form layout -

Here you can specify additional information that you want your visitors to enter when making a reservation.

Enter new item

[Drop-down, Text, Number, Checkbox (Yes/No), Multi-line text, Static HTML, Date, --- special items ---, Number of persons, Number of adults, Number of children, Agreement, Section, Voucher, Repeat email, Captcha, Participant names, Section for each participant, Hidden (Only for special usage)]
Specify how you want the visitors to enter this data: as one of pre-defined values, as regular text, or as a yes/no value
Enter item's title. It will be displayed next to the option on the reservation page. If item type is agreement, the name is not displayed to the end customer.
Here you can additionally specify a suffix, such as the age range that will be added to the number of children. E.g. enter 4-12 to ask for the number of children aged 4 to 12.
First year
[This year]
Last year
[This year]
Long description
Long description of the item displayed when the end customer hovers over the question mark icon next to the name. Can be left empty. In case of the agreement item type, this is either the text of the terms and conditions which the customer must agree to before making a reservation or it can be a full URL (starting with https://) of the conditions page.
Comma-separated values
Enter all possible values separated by the comma character (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 would let the visitor choose a number from 1 to 5)

You can use the special value $(max_persons) to give the choices from 1 to the max. number of persons as defined for the resource in a custom resource property of type 'number of persons'. You can also use the value of a custom translation $(S_CUS_xxx) or a custom resource property $(prop_res_xxx).
Default value
required field
Field in 'quick add to cart'