Planyo Help :: Common seasonal settings for all resources

Enter multiple seasons with different settings (min/max rental time, pricing, allowed start/end weekdays)

Enter new season

Season valid only in a single year:
Min. rental time
The minimum duration of a rental
Max. rental time
The maximum duration of a rental
Rentals can only start on
Rentals can only end on
Ignore weekday restrictions for each day immediately following a vacation or previous reservation
Selecting this option makes it possible for your customers to make reservations starting or ending outside of the allowed weekdays but only next to a vacation or another reservation. For example, if your allowed arrival and departure weekday is only Saturday and you as the administrator enter a special 10-day reservation which ends on a Wednesday, with this option another customer can make a reservation starting on Wednesday. Without this option there's no way for normal customers to reserve the rest of that week. The same happens with the end day restriction. Note that the minimum rental time option is not influenced by this setting.
Optional title
You can add a name to this season. Multiple seasons can have the same name (e.g. low season, high season). This name can be then used in pricing manager to set price for the season. If you want to mark your seasons with different colors on the calendar preview, you must also assign a name to the seasons.
[ Holiday, Available, Reserved, Occupied, Magenta, Grey, Cyan, Pink, Pastel grey, Pastel yellow, Pastel blue, Pastel green, Pastel red]
Assigning a color to a seasons marks it differently on the calendar preview, so the customers can see your promotional or seasonal pricing