FAQ Q253: How can I test new configurations or add test reservations when my site is already in production?

We have a special domain, https://sandbox.planyo.com/ which is there exactly for this reason. This domain uses a separate database so you can play around with this domain without affecting your production site in any way. The database used is a copy of the production database from around midnight (UTC). Every day at 6.30AM (UTC) we refresh the sandbox database. This means that any configuration or reservation tests you did on the previous days will be wiped out and you will start with a duplicate of your production database. Please keep this in mind, especially if you're in a timezone when 6.30AM UTC happens during your working hours.

Please note that we don't allow taking real reservations from actual customers using the sandbox, it's only there to help you with your tests.

Please also note the following restrictions:

The API will work with the sandbox, the endpoint is https://sandbox.planyo.com/rest/
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