FAQ Q272: Can I receive an email notification whenever a non-completed (unfinished) reservation was entered into the system?

Normally non-completed reservations are ignored since the customer decided not to finish all the required steps of the reservation process such as checkout, obligatory payment or the email verification. Still, sometimes (based on your business model) you may want to monitor such failed reservations and perhaps reach out to the potential customer.

Although in Site settings / Notifications there is no dedicated event for unfinished reservations, you can still set up emails to be sent either to you (site admin) and/or to the customer. To do this, click on the button Add message to be sent after or ahead of time, then set the following options: Relative to: Reservation time, Time difference: 1 hour after (to give the customer time to finish the reservation), Required status: not completed. With the event configured this way, a notification will be triggered 1 hour after the reservation was entered and abandoned. You can of course send the notification to any user and via email and/or sms. As with all other notifications, you can include any information related to the booking, such as the customer’s phone number or the custom notes entered by the customer which could give you a quick overview of the booking.
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