FAQ Q278: How do I setup my Sogenactif / Paylib account to accept payments for the reservations?

For general information about accepting payments in Planyo see Q121: I'd like to accept credit card payments for the reservations.

First of all, to accept payments through your Sogenactif / Paylib account (BNP Paribas, Societé Generale, Banque Postale), you need to select Sogenactif / Paylib in the Payment processing site option on the site settings page.

Then, you need to set up Sogenactif on your own server by following the steps below: 1. unzip files from this ZIP file to a directory on your server which is accessible via http. If not using a 32-bit Linux-based machine, replace the files request and response with appropriate versions provided to you by Sogenactif
2. edit the file paylib-parameters.phpand place your merchant id in place of the test id (014213245611111)
3. create a new directory on your server which is NOT accessible via http and copy certificate and parameter files provided by Sogenactif to this directory. The files which will need to be placed in this directory are: certif.fr.xxxxx.php, parmcom.xxxxx, parmcom.sogenactif where xxxxx is your merchant id
4. edit the file pathfile which is found in the directory you created in point 1 and change the values F_DEFAULT, F_PARAM, F_CERTIFICATE to point to the directory where the certificate and parameter files were placed (point 3)
5. you can customize the logos and look of the payment page according to Sogenactif documentation

Once the Sogenactif files on your server are set up, go to Site Settings / Edit in planyo and enter the URL of the file proxy.php which is found in the directory you created in point 1, e.g. http://www.yourserver.com/directory/proxy.php.
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