FAQ Q295: Will Planyo work with membership points instead of payments in a real currency?

Yes, planyo can be used for a member-only scenario where members have a balance expressed in points which are used up for each reservation. In order to use points, first of all you'll need to go to Site settings / Regional settings and change the active currency to PTS (points).

The best way to implement a balance for each customer is to use our coupons feature, specifically amount-based coupons. These coupons couldn't be purchased directly by the customer (as they normally can be) but the admins of your site could add coupons to customer accounts based on your internal rules of adding points to customer accounts. Then in Pricing Manager, you could use the Pricing Manager rules to determine the pricing of your services expressed in points. You can also use Pricing Manager to add unavailability conditions, such as max. number of reservations allowed per day/week or month. You'd also need to mark in your resource settings the option to make reservations WITHOUT coupons impossible.

Another implementation could use custom user properties which can store any information related to a customer. This type of implementation, however, would require adding custom scripts to your site.
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