FAQ Q296: I have an e-learning site. How will Planyo work with customers in different time-zones?

Each Planyo site must have a time zone defined in Site Settings / Regional Settings. By default your customers will also see all times and dates in this timezone. However, there's a possibility of using customer's own timezone in the reservation process. If you'd like to use this feature, for example if you have an e-learning site with students in different time zones, go to Site Settings / Active features and select the checkbox "Support for multiple customer time zones". When this is selected, the customers will see the dates and times expressed in their own time zone in the following places:
Additionally, you can use timezone-based tags $(utz_xxx) in all templates having access to reservation details (e.g. email notifications) and in the Reservation Form Info Box (price and extra info displayed on the reservation page in the 'your rate' section). See Q204 for the details of these tags.
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