FAQ Q331: Can planyo send confirmation emails to all participants of a reservation?

Yes, you can configure your Planyo site this way. First of all, make sure that your reservation form includes fields which can determine the number of participants (of type: number of persons, number of adults and/or number of children). Then, create a new per-participant section and inside the section add the fields you'd like to be filled out for each participant, such as name, email, phone etc.

Now, go to the email notification you'd like to be sent to each participant, e.g. the confirmation email and in the Optional BCC enter the tag $(participant_csv_Guest_email).

This tag, along with other reservation-specific tags is described in Q204. The tag used is $(participant_csv_xxx) and what it does is it lists the values of a per-participant section field in a single comma-separated text. The 'participant email' field in the reservation form is called Guest email and this is why the tag's format in this example is $(participant_csv_Guest_email). E.g. the tag $(participant_csv_Guest_name) would list all the names.

The BCC field in the notification configuration is used to send the email to other persons. It can be a fixed email address but you can also use tags in this field and you can also specify multiple email addresses separated by commas. This is why the $(participant_csv_xxx) tag will work well here.
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