Online booking system for ressurser administrert av uavhengige eiere / turist områder

Det mest fleksible bookingsystem du vil noensinne vil finne

Integrated Channel manager

Integration with, Tripadvisor, Holiday Lettings, Expedia and MySwitzerland. Other integrations (e.g. AirBnb) possible with iCal sync.

Meta Side

You can group together individual owners into a single project using a meta site.


Planyo can find the offer nearest to the customer's location.

Seamless integration with your website

No iframes or new windows for the booking process, the customer always stays on your website! Use our plugins for easy CMS integration (Wordpress, Joomla etc.), or simply copy/paste HTML code when using other software such as weebly. Our content is responsive to make sure it looks great on all devices and you can customize every smallest detail of it.

Responsive design / Mobil kompabilitet

Hundreds of integrations

see all integrations

No other online booking system has so many integrations. Our reservation software will integrate with all popular website builders, over 70 payment gateways, countless cloud-based apps such as Google Calendar & Analytics, mailing list managers, CRM and accounting systems. We also have an open API.



En META Site er en gruppe av flere Planyo siter hvor kundene dine har et søkeskjema som søker gjennom alle tilknyttede siter. Som META administrator kan du opprette rapporter og administrere alle siter på ett sted.

Dette er en perfekt løsning, feks for turistportaler som samarbeider med flere ferieleiligheter, hver med forskjellige eiere. Her kan META administrator også vise / endre eksisterende reservasjoner og opprette nye, slik eier også kan (enkelt site administrator). DU kan også enkelt integrere META site med din web portal, ved å bruke avansert integrasjon, og kundene blir på ditt nettsted gjennom hele reservasjonsprosessen.

Med støtte for kompleks infrastruktur (flere moderatorer, pakker, integrert helpdesk, fakturering, betaling, rapporter etc.) er dette en perfekt løsning for enten webportaler som setter sammen tilbud fra mange eiere (tennisbaner, båter, ferieboliger etc.) eller store selskaper og organisasjoner.

Det er ingen ekstra utgift ved å sette sammen PRO/PRO-COMM siter til en meta site. En enkel site kan også inkluderes i flere meta siter.

30 languages

Your customers can reserve using 30 languages. Our backend is available in 6 languages. You can customize and translate to any language all your content, including personalized emails and SMS messages.

Automate everything

Save time by automating all reservation tasks: show up-to-date availability and immediate price quotations, ask for any information on the booking form, handle cancellations, modifications and set up automatic confirmations.

Cloud-based and secure

The set-up is incredibly easy, your data is more secure, you can integrate with other cloud-based systems, our redundant servers are always available and up-to-date. You can back up all important data at any time.

Free mobile apps

Bruk app for iPhone og Android for at administrere din konto underveis. We har også en frontend app til kundene dine slik at de raskt kan booke hos deg og se nyheter og kampanjer.

Reports & statistics

Planyo offers a wide variety of reports which you can also export. Activity statistics provide you with up-to-date important business analytics. Planyo integrates with Google Analytics.

Flexible pricing rules

Planyo will be able to reflect your pricing model however complex it may be. Easily set pricing for extra form items, additional products, different seasons, durations or ages.


Let your clients quickly reserve multiple items or dates. With our 'quick add to cart' the customer quickly adds all desired items and enters the personal details only at checkout.

Vouchers & kuponger

Vouchers, coupons, gift certificates, packages, bundles: the features make it easy to market, present and sell your offer in an attractive way while making sure overbooking will never happen.

6 administrative roller

Six administrative roles including external agents can be used. You can limit each user's access as needed. Large projects (like tourist areas) can include offerings from multiple owners.


Let Planyo take care of creation and delivery of the invoices to your clients. Other dynamically created documents can be also attached to automated emails as PDFs.

E-post & SMS

Save time by having planyo send personalized emails and sms messages to your customers and staff. You can have extra messages sent at specific times. Use your own FROM address

70+ payment gateways

Accept deposits or full payments, whether optional or obligatory, processed securely by one of over 70 partner payment gateways. We never charge a commission on the payments.


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Planyo PRO

  •   Starter på CHF 29/måned
  •   Måneder uten utleie (utenfor sesong) er gratis
  •   10% discount for up-front payments for 12 months
  •   Gratis teknisk support
  •   Gratis 30-dagers prøveperiode uten forpliktelser
  •   Ingen skjulte tilleggsavgifter

Antall enheter
I'll make a 12-month upfront payment
Reservasjon av plasser per person (seter, billetter, personlig utstyr) eller parkeringsplasser


  •   0.5% - 1.5% kommisjon på reservasjoner gjort av kunder
  •   Reservasjoner gjort av admin er gratis*****
  •   CHF 50 bonus for each CHF 500 up-front payment
  •   Gratis teknisk support
  •   Gratis 30-dagers prøveperiode uten forpliktelser
  •   Måneder uten utleie (utenfor sesong) er gratis; Minimum månedlig avgift for måneder med minst in reservasjon er CHF 29

Average price per reservation
Estimated number of customer entered reservations per month
I'll make upfront payments of CHF 500

This is only an estimated monthly fee. Måneder uten utleie (utenfor sesong) er gratis


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