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Q: Describe your business. is a site promoting tourism in the Verzasca Valley in Ticino, Switzerland and offering vacation homes from various owners and a local holiday home rental agency. You can also book places in almost all of the mountain huts.
Q: How do you use Planyo? uses a META Site administered by lots of individual owners and Planyo API to display information about the houses throughout the site (including photos, location on the map etc.) and advanced integration for the search feature and the integrated reservation system.
Q: Describe your business. "Center.Center" is a hostel located at the center of Taiwan. Established by two independent crew members working in the field of theatre arts, the name “Center Center” refers to the geographic center of Taiwan. More importantly, it implies the possibility for travelers to find their own central positions in their life. Puli Township lies in between Hualien and Taichung, the center point between Sun Moon Lake, Chingjing Farm and Mt. Hehuan, a top destination for international visitors to Taiwan.
Q: Describe your experience so far. I chose Planyo because there are many adjustable details with reasonable price packages.
Q: Describe your business. We are a small company offering selected holiday apartments in Fuengirola, Spain, and services for home owners on the Costa del Sol.
Q: How do you use Planyo? We have integrated Planyo with our own home page. We use the PayPal online payment solution for all reservations and we have created various customized messages which Planyo sends out at various times, one of them also has the invoice attached in the customer's own language.
Q: Describe your experience so far. We are very happy to have come across Planyo and it has made our reservation procedure so much easier to handle and more secure in the respect that double bookings can't occur. The staff is great and we always get quick help should we need it.
Q: Describe your business. Hamann-Softwareentwicklung is a software development firm which specialises on creating individually designed software. No matter do you need an offline or web based application, we can find a solution. It can be developed either based on a commercially used application or we can design a customised software product for you. One of our key projects we are currently working on is MedSurv-Portal. It is an online portal which has been designed to collect and evaluate clinical surveys data from all over the world. Our firm has also recently worked on Ferienresidenz-Roseneck webpage development project. This holiday homes webpage was successfully implemented using Planyo automatic hotel booking and payment system.
Q: Describe your experience so far. We decided in favour of Planyo automatic hotel booking and payment system because it had satisfied most of our requests. The key one was that the system is very flexible and it could be fully integrated into our existing CMS. We also had an opportunity to design a customised booking schedule and configure emails and invoices design to the customer’s needs. Another core strength of Planyo programme is that the system can process payments in addition to booking requests. That was a crucial point for our customer and us. It gives you a possibility to process payments received by using PayPal and credit cards. We liked that Planyo offers an attractive invoice management tool as a part of the system which was a great benefit for our customer. We cann’t also but mentioned that now, when the system is up and running, the administration of the system is very easy and can be done after a brief orientation. It is an user friendly programme in general and all functions offered can be easily used. It was also a great pleasure to work in close collaboration with Planyo on that project. We were getting a constant support when needed. All our requests and questions regarding the system were answered in a prompt manner. In addition, Planyo did some good suggestions coming from their great knowledge of the product and big experience working with other customers. We have implemented most of them and we are very happy with the final product we achieved using Planyo tool.
Alexander Melgui, Hamann-Softwareentwicklung
Q: Describe your business. We are a non-profit organization founded in 1983 by a group of people passionate about the mountains. Today we have more than 700 members. We are located in the Verzasca Valley, in Ticino, Switzerland. We organize activities in the valley (hiking, climbing for kids, families and adults), we take care of the hiking trails and of the mountain huts in Verzasca.
Q: How do you use Planyo? We use planyo for reservations of sleeping places in our mountain huts. Before we started using planyo, people had to call or send an email to book. This wasn't efficient because the guardians couldn't always respond immediately. Now this is fully automated with planyo, the number of sleeping places still available for booking is known by the system at all times. The guardians receive an email or SMS (if being in the mountains they have no access to the internet) whenever a new reservation is made. We still leave a part of the places for those who come without reservation.
Q: Describe your experience so far. We are very pleased so far. We had no complaints whatsoever last year and the guardians now spend less time managing the reservations. We hope that with time more people will start reserving because now the booking process is very easy and only takes a minute or so.
SEV - Società Escursionistica Verzaschese
Q: Describe your business. We are a small company that provides tourism booking for vacation rentals, tours, car rental and wedding planning, searching among the providers database we have from our years living in Pünta Cana. We were always employees from these providers and collegues of others, and now we decided to start our own business.
Q: Describe your experience so far. I am the webmaster of and I have to say that I did it without previous experience. I started from zero, reading on internet and using the customer support of our server and for the widgets hosted in our site. It took about one week trying several calendar till I got to Planyo, and it took me relatively short time to learn how to use and to integrate. I love Planyo now! On the other hand, the customer support is awesome. It never took longer than one day to have an answer from them and they were always super helpful and polite. I have to say that one time i had a hard time to understand, but again, I don´t have the technical knowledge of coding and web developer and I guess you are used to deal with technicians.
Q: Describe your business. Ao Thai Resort & Restaurant is a beachfront hotel and bungalow resort in South Thailand, with an exclusive restaurant for sophisticated guests from all over the world, who set high value on the original Thailand off the beaten track. Away from mass tourism we are offering individual care, suggestions and company with locals and their families. Relaxing, contact to country and locals as well as a bridge to the Thai culture and lifestyle are taking center stage.
Q: Describe your experience so far. Planyo is a very good, easy to handle booking system. An advantage is the integration in other booking and review pages. We also like the professional and fast support.
Uwe Welschinger, Owner and General Manager, Ao Thai Resort & Restaurant
Q: Describe your business. We manage and rent out four chalets in Chamonix as a family-run business.
Q: How do you use Planyo? We were looking for a system that could:
- manage bookings from leads to housekeeping,
- fully and seamlessly integrate with our website,
- automate communication with guests,
- reduce our invoicing and accounting workload.
We've appreciated the way Planyo synchronises seamlessly with several booking platforms. And thanks to Planyo's pricing system, we've been able to automate several aspects of our pricing policy, including triggers for discounts to be applied as a start date approaches.

(Integration by raramuridesign uk)
Q: Describe your experience so far. We went live with Planyo in July 2015 and have had a very good experience with the system, both during development as well as during the transition from our old setup. The Planyo team have been quick to reply to any issues we've had.
Q: Describe your business. We are are small ski chalet business, running both catered and self catered chalets.
Q: How do you use Planyo? We have only just gone live with Planyo - the system is already proving highly successful and we calculate that the system will save us a tremendous amount of time and also enable us to manage the business much more effectively.
We use Planyo for running and managing the end to end bookings process, this includes:
a) taking the initial enquiries from customers on the planyo reservations form and holding the reservation for a day or two until they pay
b) on line deposit and final balance payment (with options to pay by card over the phone if clients prefer this - planyo keeps a record )
c) Planyo will send out automated e-mails: at time of initial reservation with booking information attached, when final balance payment is due and before the client arrives - to ensure we have their time of arrival, if they want to book additional products for example: skis/boots fitted at the chalet, transfers, or meals cooked at the chalet.
d) automated e-mails after the client has left to ask for feedback.
We are using advanced integration, we will be producing weekly reports of clients who will be arriving and their individual needs - this is so we can prepare for each clients specific requirements (we used to spend hours pulling this information together and Planyo will do this automatically - based on data which the customer enters - all we do is have the automated e-mails ask the clients to complete the forms!)
Q: Describe your experience so far. Planyo is a very flexible system and Rafael [from the planyo team] is absolutely brilliant in supporting his customers and carrying out changes to meet needs. We approached this project with a good understanding of the business requirements - which are quite complex - and I am delighted we have been able to work with Rafael in implementing this.
Mark Nathan
Q: Describe your business. We're a holiday home rental agency located in the Verzasca Valley in Ticino, Switzerland.
Q: How do you use Planyo? We work together with Planyo on our entire IT solution, including the website. All content (photos etc.) is managed by Planyo and API is used to present it on our website. This solution makes all modifications easy to handle and also allows us to keep our clients on at all times.
Q: Describe your experience so far. We are very satisfied, we now have a website that is easy to use, it gives our clients a possibility to reserve in different languages and automates many tasks done until now by hand.
Verzasca Rustici Sagl
Q: Describe your business. It's a family company : we started La Jetée in 2 of our fishermen family houses we bough a few years ago, originally it was supposed to be some holiday houses for us, but we started 3 years ago to renew, trying to keep the traditional structure, but modernizing and make cosy with a vintage look into 3 ( soon 4) furnished flats. It became quickly a pretty successful business as our flats are occupied something like 80% of the time, we even now do not allow less then 6 nights as it was too complicated for us to do less ( actually this change was very easy with the planyo configuration panels).
Q: Describe your experience so far. We tested several systems, before adopting planyo as it is simplifying a lot our work once the basic configuration is done (and multi-language was also an important point). It is not our main activity, so simplifying and automation is a key point for us, as we have other business to run, and planyo is delivering what we expected at a fair price. What we appreciate, as we are at least 2 person to be involved with : is the forwarding of customers confirmations : so no anymore problem of misunderstanding and not knowing real time booking. The automated price calculation and automatic sending of invoices and confirmation or modification messages to our customers. We haven't implemented an online payment, because we want to control as much as we can the booking ( for ex. confirming longer stay instead of short periods), but without this it would be all automated. We still want to improve our use of this system, as should now use the reports functions, and also as we have now more experience about our business we will do next season, a different pricing system using the "seasons" price, in order to have even less free periods during our tropical winter. We might also start with SMS, not for the clients but for us, to remind us arrivals, or check out, without having to check on our Ical that are synchronized with planyo.
Patrice Fuma Courtis, Manager
Q: Describe your business. At Our Philosophy is : We simply want to make it easy to book, pack and go on holiday in Spain! Holiday Heaven… Holiday apartments in El Soto De Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Andalusia. Plus Partner offers and links to enhance your holidays-delicious restaurants, reasonable car hire, best tourist attractions, flights and family events to enjoy!
Q: Describe your experience so far. It has been a pleasure working with the Planyo platform & the team who have made it easy to integrate a very comprehensive Planyo booking and reservation platform into so that customers can check availability, prices and their preferences clearly with tracking that is clear and visible centrally, for each holiday apartment. Planyo is an excellent control system and it is easy to operate and even update bookings across multiple properties with different pricing across all seasons of the year. World Pay & PayPal Payment integration with customer service, mail and data tools are also modern and supportive of campaigns to drive more business. The benefits of The Quick action summary as well as the Advanced features are useful for web go live features. Thank you for service and platform excellence, as well as the free month trial+ to build and gain comfort with your significant IT Hub delivery capabilities…so very grateful and look forward to a profitable relationship for a long time…..
Michael Green CEO and Chief Customer Officer at CUDDIA Consulting and development for clients
Q: Describe your business. Our business is holiday rentals for over 100 properties located in the Algarve in southern Portugal. We provide rental and management solutions for private owners and businesses.
Q: How do you use Planyo? We use it for our reservations in our various self catering resorts and accommodation. We have planyo integrated (advanced) on each of our websites for on line reservations and searching for availability and price. We use the reports on a daily basis for financial statistics, reminders, planning of arrivals/departures.

We also use planyo in other websites listed here: Cavalo Preto Beach Resort (, Marina Village Algarve (, Cabanas Gardens Apartments (
Q: Describe your experience so far. We find planyo very adaptable to our business needs and the support is always excellent. With regards to customisation, planyo is extremely flexible and we find ourselves using it more and more as our business evolves.
Jane Smith, Director
Hometeam Portugal
Q: Describe your business. Clean rooms and Best rates in Qualicum Beach! Located across from a breathtaking beach, surrounded by popular local restaurants. Enjoy your visit to beautiful Qualicum Beach with Ocean Crest Motel
Q: Describe your experience so far. So far, the help from staffs have been very prompt and useful. The system was difficult to figure out at the beginning as I have no knowledge about website/programming. However, the Q&A helped me through and I think I have almost everything I need to run the reservation system. Pricing is very reasonable too.
Andy Lee, General Manager
Q: Describe your business. Luxury Serviced Apartments for short or long term holiday accommodation in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Offering fully serviced, fully equipped apartments from various sizes, one to four bedrooms, perfect for family, friends and corporate occasions.
Q: Describe your experience so far. Planyo has helped me reduce my administration for the business and is easy to manage and navigate around, truly recommended.
Jill Chappell - Managing Director/Owner of Harrogate Serviced Apartments
Q: Describe your business. We are a small 12 room ski lodge located in the 1998 Olympic village Hakuba, Japan. Our guests enjoy deep powder snow & affordable accommodation. Hakuba resort and backcountry skiing is fantastic as we receive on average over 11 metres per year.
Q: How do you use Planyo? We use Planyo to provide a seamless online booking engine for our guests both new and returning, we wanted guests to book without hassle and to be confident when doing so.
Q: Describe your experience so far. I chose Planyo because of it's ease to install, endless configuration, reports, online payment function & quality support when you need help. It gives visitors to our site up to date availability and we can add on other products such as airport transfers. I highly recommend Planyo to any business that takes bookings and needs a clean, quality solution.
Stephen Bryant - Snowlines Lodge Owner/manager