Tutorial: Configuring emails and text notifications sent by planyo (1 / 6)

Tutorial Table of Contents

part 1: Default setup for new planyo sites
part 2: Reservations entered by the administrator
part 3: Customizing the default setup
part 4: Messages sent before or after arrival
part 5: Using text messages (SMS)
part 6: Global email header/footer
Part 1 of 6: Default setup for new planyo sites
Planyo offers a very high level of flexibility when it comes to email and sms messages. When you first create a planyo site, it’s configured so that no sms messages are sent and the following email messages are sent to the customer when they make a reservation:

The main site administrator (and resource administrator if this role is defined) receives an email when a new reservation with verified email address is entered into the system and when the reservation gets cancelled.

Additionally, if the reminder field is visible in the reservation form (by default it's hidden), the customers can select on the reservation page how many days before the rental planyo should send a reminder to them. Please note that you can also create reminders sent to the customers before the rental, always or based on conditions defined by you.

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