Customer demo

This demo allows you to see how a visitor experiences a sample Planyo site. To go through this interactive demo you can either create an account in order to avoid having to confirm email address after each reservation (and to have access to additional features), or you can continue without loggin in (Planyo does not require customers to sign up). Note that other customers can also enter new reservations as well as cancel/modify yours in the admin mode at any time.
Please note: there are a number of options that the admin can set in order to change the customer experience, such as SMS notifications, manual confirmations of each reservation by the admin, or a password that is required to enter a reservation. The presets for this demo have been chosen to fit a standard model and can be viewed by entering the admin demo.
This demo is open to all visitors and we do not moderate the content entered into the system. Therefore, we decline responsibility for offensive or otherwise unsuitable text entered by the users.