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2013-10-14 Search results / upcoming availability / resource listing can now use pagination (in both simple and advanced integration). This is very useful for big planyo sites. You can activate this feature in settings / active features. Please note that for old planyo sites (created before toway) you also need to change your templates (search results / resource list) in order to add navigation between the different result pages (this can be done with a single tag) -- new planyo sites (created after today) include the navigation by default.
2013-10-14 New pricing manager rules: Total hours (or times) in existing rentals in given period. This rule can be used for example to limit the number of hours (or number of time) a customer can reserve for any single day, week or month (e.g. max 3 entries per week, or max 10 hours of rental time per month).
2013-10-14 You can now change the reservation process so that also in advanced integration the customer can switch the selected resource to a different one on the reservation form. This will dynamically reload the form. This can be activated in advanced integration settings.
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