Hva er nytt?

2015-03-24 We've just released the beta of new planyo schemes. The new schemes allow you to:
1. use responsive design (frameworks such as bootstrap)
2. use custom templates and styles on mobile devices (no more autoredirection to a special moible page)
3. update the CSS styles for both the mobile and desktop versions and for both the advanced integration and calendar previews, all in a single place, instead of using multiple external files
4. use a modern and attractive look for the booking form

The default design in the new schemes is much more attractive than the previous planyo default look. We currently have 2 schemes: bootstrap and planyo. Please read this FAQ question to find out about the new schemes. Because this feature is in the beta, new planyo sites still continue to use the old design. Note that it's best to test the new scheme on a test site rather than existing production site (although you can always undo the scheme change by restoring from a backup created for you).
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