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2015-04-03 We've just released an integration with Spartime physical access control solutions. Using Spartime's solutions you can increase the security of your spaces and get rid of all the hassle related to physical keys or badges. The solutions Spartime, with permanent access or time-limited codes, let you manage your access remotely and don't require Internet connection for the devices. This integration will work great for a wide variety of applications: parking, buildings, offices, conference rooms, storage spaces, hotels, bungalows, sports halls, tennis courts... The extension will generate both alphanumeric codes and QR codes. Find out more in the Planyo store.
2015-04-03 We've extended our support for PayPal by adding an embedded version which works with PayPal Payflow / Pro / Advanced. This payment gateway will not work with regular PayPal accounts. The pro accounts are only available in selected (and very few) countries.
2015-04-03 The extension 'Separate payment account for each resource' now allow you to set different payment gateways for different resources.
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