FAQ Q263: How can I synchronize my calendar with channels such as AirBnB and others?

In some cases the best solution is a direct integration. We offer special integrations in the Planyo Store for channels such as Booking.com, Expedia, STC, MySwitzerland (STNet), HolidayLettings. Other integrations will follow. These integrations not only synchronize the availability calendar to ensure no overbooking occurs (via different channels) but will also often import the reservations from these channels so you can conveniently manage everything through Planyo and take advantage of all of planyo's features also for these external reservations.

If we don't have a special integration, the easiest way to synchronize the availability is via iCal export or Google Calendar integration. With the Google Calendar integration, the synchronization works both ways so you can also import availability from Google into planyo.

If you prefer working with iCalendar feeds and if you also would like to import availability from another system, use the iCal import extension. Both methods (Google and iCal) will allow you to accomplish a full 2-way synchronization of availability.

Most channel managers will allow you to import availability via an iCal feed (.ics file format). For example, in case of AirBnB, in the AirBnB backend you'll need to perform the following steps: in Manage listing click on View calendar sync instructions, then go to the Calendar import tool. Click Import new calendar, and in Choose your calendar source select Other. Now, you'll need to paste the calendar (iCal) link which you get from the iCal export page in planyo (if you have more than one apartment, make sure to get the feed for a single apartment only). The iCal feed URL will look like this: http://www.planyo.com/ical-feed.php?cal=123&sc=xxxxxxxxxxxx.
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