Az. Agr. Il Piaggione di Camilla Curcio

Az. Agr. Il PIaggione di camilla Curcio
Strada comunale di Cignano 31
53019 loc. Vagliagli- Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena, IT

Phone: +39335399125
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The Piaggione of Serravalle, at a first glance, appears as a gem naturally cast on the highest ridges of the Chianti hills of Central Tuscany, and as a jewel it shines with its authentic flavors, ancient traditions and silent stillness.
Shaded and enclosed by oak woods and shrouded by the greenness of its olive trees and vineyards, it mingles within the horizons of the grandeur of the Tuscan countryside that is still genuine and remarkably unspoilt. The structure of Piaggione consists of two spacious apartments, one holds four, the other, three bedrooms and a separate two bedroom cottage. Among these, the Loggia, which houses a wellness center embellished by an exotic touch. On the top floor a spa tub and an infrared sauna and, accessing via a staircase, you will approach a somewhat hidden room used for massages and turkish baths on the bottom floor.
On the outside you are welcomed by a splendid swimming pool that plunges down on the lush valleys and, between sprouts of fragrant shrubs, built in the rocks, a jacuzzi tub that is surmounted by a spurt of hot water. Small paths and stone steps cut into the gardens that slope down the valley, designing silent hidden nooks that make its way through the forests. In this enchanting setting, stand out the modern sculptures of famed artist Alberto Inglesi that will accompany your quaint countryside strolls and hikes. If your desire is to rediscover the spontaneousness of life, the Piaggione of Serravalle is the place to be, to relax and immerse yourself in the magnificence of a Tuscan setting blessed by serenity and silence.

    This is the most informal apartment of Piaggione of Serravalle, smaller than the other two, for this reason it's undoubtedly the coziest and most intimate. It's located in an independent structure from the main farmhouse, to which it's linked externally to La Loggia. What will strike you at first glance in this unique apartment, are both, it's privacy and simplicity. It's composed of a living room with hearth, furnished according to the criteria of simpleness and elegance that leads to a small but functional kitchen. The apartment has two bedrooms, a double and a twin and a bathroom with shower. The highlight of La Capanna is the private garden that is surrounded by vineyards and is the ideal place to relax comfortably undisturbed in the heart of silence. lulled only by the sound of the wind. La Capanna can also boast a private parking and access to La Loggia in the premises of the entrance. Ideal for couples or small families, the apartment is also the closest to the pool.

    it can boast the best views and is the most complex apartment within Piaggione of Serravalle. Located on the second floor of the main farm house, it's accessed by a private entrance, guarded by one of the most impressive sculptures that sits in the middle of a flower bed and is one of Alberto's favorite. From the small entrance, via a short flight of steps, you access the white room, modestly spacious and divided into a cozy sitting room with a fireplace, an exquisitely furnished dining room and a fully equipped kitchen. In its rich simplicity, La Mansarda offers four bedrooms, a queen size, one double and two singles equipped with all the necessities as well as a bathroom with shower. The highlight of the apartment are the two terraces. The view opens directly from the living room and stoops towards the horizon; equipped with tables, chairs and grill, sheltered from the sun, it's ideal for enjoying an open air breakfast kissed by the pleasant glow of dawn. The other terrace, with its small tete a tete table, protected from prying eyes, is an intimate space in the master bedroom, ideal for romantic moments of complicity.

    This is the largest apartment of Piaggione of Serravalle and for years was used as the manor house. With its crackling fireplaces, located in the cozy living room, it preserves the taste and the philosophy of everyday rural life. Renovated with all modern appliances, it's located on the first floor of the main farmhouse. The huge living room, the focal point of the apartment, consists of a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room with a hard wood table that was made out of a thirteenth-century church door and a comfortable lounge in which you can feel free to gather to taste the fruits of our labors and local delis. The apartment's night wing, restored in the local traditional style, is composed of three bedrooms, two queen size and one double, a well equipped bathroom with both shower and bathtub. The fabulous private terrace has tables, chairs and even a barbecue and is an ideal space to enjoy the warm summer evenings. Besides the spectacular views that can be enjoyed from the house this is the only apartment to have a direct access to the spa area. La Nostra is beyond doubt the ideal apartment for large families and for lovers of la dolce vita.
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