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Indoor Range

We can run shooting indoors if you book the Cyril Allen Hut at the same time. This is fantastic as the building is heated when it’s cold but also we have up to 6 shooting positions so larger groups get a bit more time shooting.
Suitable for Cubs and older
Sessions are 1 hour
12 – 18 participants recommended on a session

Outdoors Range

Aside from the very popular shooting club for Scouts and Explorers this is an activity you can book by the hour too. It’s available outside using the range but please note that archery and shooting use the same range at the moment so we can’t run both at the same time!
Suitable for Cubs and older
Sessions are 1 hour
12 – 16 participants recommended on a session

To book sessions 2-9 you need to have completed the Intro and Safety session.

What we can offer
1. Introduction and Safety Shooting Session (Indoors or Outdoors)
2. 6 Yard Rifle Shooting (Indoors or Outdoors)
3. 6 Yard Pistol Shooting (Indoors or Outdoors)
4. 10m Rifle Target Shooting (Indoors or Outdoors)
5. 10m Pistol Target Shooting (Indoors or Outdoors)
6. 8-25m Field Target Shooting (Outdoors only)
7. Novelty Target Challenge (Outdoors only)
8. Rapid Fire Pistol shooting (Outdoors only)
9. Target Sprint Training

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