FAQ Q157: How can I translate the texts I entered to describe my resources (description, properties) into other languages?

You can do this in the customized translation panel (Settings / Customized translations).

In the first step, you need to specify in which language the original descriptions and texts were entered and then select the language you'd like to translate the texts into.

In the second step you'll see all the text descriptions and names that can be translated. Choose the ones you'd like to translate and leave the ones that don't need to be translated empty. You can repeat the process for other languages or follow on to the third step to translate any text visible by the end customer generated by planyo. More about this here.

Additionally in the third step you'll be able to add your own texts which are NOT a part of the user interface or your descriptions. Such texts can be inserted into any of your templates or emails in form of the tag $(S_CUS_XXX) where XXX is the identifier of the new text added by you. This way you can add messages in multiple languages to your emails and templates.
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