FAQ Q200: I'd like to show location of all of my apartments on a map. Is this possible?

Yes, in Integrate with my site / Widgets you can add an IFRAME component which will show a Google Map with markers representing each apartment. Hovering over a marker shows the apartment name and clicking on it opens a bubble with the name, up to 3 thumbnails and description.

In order for the locations to work, you'll need to enter the positions of all of your resources (apartments). To do this, in Site settings / Custom resource properties add a property of type gps coords. Then, in each resource properties you'll be able to mark on the map the physical location. This will be used on the map preview.

You can also further customize the map preview by changing the default parameters of the IFRAME URL:
target - setting it will open the resource details page in another frame or window, e.g. ...&target=_blank
lang - lets you change the default language of the description, e.g. ...&lang=FR
center - you can center the map in desired position. Enter latitude and longitude separated by a comma with any precision you like, e.g. ...&center=47.23,8.84
stylesheet=[stylesheet URL] - lets you use your own stylesheet so you can format the information bubble according to your needs
link_desc=1 - if you add this parameter, clicking on the resource name or thumbnails will link to the resource description page. Otherwise (by default) the links point directly to the reservation page.
res_filter_name, res_filter_value - you can also display only the resources which have a custom property set to a specific value. This lets you filter your resources by any criterium, for example, if you have a custom resource property called location, you can display all resources from New York (and not display any resources outside of New York) by adding the following parameters to the URL: &propfilter_name=location&propfilter_value=New York (use the underscore characters instead of spaces in the name, e.g. total_capacity instead of total capacity)
cal_filter_name, cal_filter_value - If displaying map for a META site, you can decide which sites will be shown on the map in the same way as the res_filter_XXX arguments can be used to filter out resources.
resource_id - you can limit the map to a single resource by passing its ID here
map_type - you can change the map type from the default (hybrid) to one of the following values: normal or satellite
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