FAQ Q215: How can I collect client-specific information such as member ID or their birthdate?

First you'll need to add these fields to your reservation form. Then you'll need to tell planyo that these items should be interpreted by planyo as specific to given user and not reservation. To do this you must define a new custom user property in Site settings / Custom user properties. You'll also need to choose which reservation form item should be used to collect this value.

If you don't want the customer to be able to set the value of a custom user property, you shouldn't associate it with a reservation form field and just have the admins set the value for the customers (manually in the backend, via the API or a CSV import of users).

When a custom user property is set up, you will always see the value in each user's details page. Additionally by going to Site settings / Users with reservations you can get a full list of users including any custom fields, and other information such as total number of reservations etc. You can also export the list as a CSV file and import it into Google Docs or Excel.

Additionally, in Pricing Manager you can add rules to set the price based on one or more custom user properties (e.g. lower rate for members).

Note that by default the customers cannot see any of their custom properties. Only using tags in any of your templates, you can share them with your customers. Otherwise they will be only visible to the moderators/admins.
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