FAQ Q251: How much will I pay for Planyo?

There are two different pricing models we work with: commission-based PRO-COMM and subscription-based PRO. You can switch between both payment modes also in the future if you see the other one would work better for you.

The commission-based model (PRO-COMM) has no fixed monthly cost, you pay for the reservations entered by your customers online. The commission is 0.5% - 1.5%. Please see the details of how and when the commissions are calculated at Q178 as well as of the minimum monthly fees.

If you prefer to pay a fixed fee, independent on the number of reservations made by your customers, you can choose the Planyo PRO model. Here the monthly fee depends on the number of resources (reservable units). One resource is calculated here as the smallest unit which can be reserved by a customer. It can be a personal unit, like a seat in a bus or a hostel bed, or a big unit which can be reserved for an entire party: a hotel room, an entire chalet, a tennis court or a yacht. In case of personal units, there's a special discount where the number of resources is divided by 2. On the pricing page you'll find a calculator which will give you the monthly subscription price based on the number of resources. Please note that off-season months (with zero arrivals) are free. This means that, for example, if you rent out holiday apartments with arrivals starting in April, your customers can book throughout the year (also in the winter months) but you will not be charged for the winter months (such as January through March) if no single customer's rental takes place.
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