FAQ Q306: Can I prevent resource admins from seeing the customer's personal details?

First of all, you can highly restrict the access of your resource admins to the different functions in the backend (see Q180) but the resource admins will still always be able to see the customers' personal details such as name, address, phone number and email address. If you want to hide these details, you will need to NOT give these persons access to the planyo backend. Instead, use one or more of the following mechanisms:
- iCal feed with a customized template: the iCal feeds exported from planyo can be limited to one or more resources and can use a template which means you can decide exactly which data is exported. Give the iCal feed URL to the person responsible for given resource so they can import it into their preferred calendar software
- if you want these persons to receive a notification (email/sms) every time there is a new reservation, you can configure a notification where you can print only the desired data. The emails can be sent also to these persons by using the BCC field on the notification configuration page. If you have lots of resources, it's more convenient to use a custom resource property, you can call it for example "owner email" and as its value, for each resource, set the email address of the person responsible for the resource. Then in the BCC field enter $(prop_res_owner_email) which will be replaced by planyo with the email address of the owner for specific resource
- you can also set up reports and either give the secret URL for given report to the person responsible for given resource, or set up daily/weekly sending of such report by email using the BCC mechanism explained in the point above
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