Planyo FREE - Free online reservation system

With Planyo FREE you have access to the most flexible booking system on the market and you never need to pay for it!

You can also always upgrade to PRO or PRO-COMM which don't limit the booking process in any way at any time in the future.

With Planyo FREE it's your customers who make a small payment (EUR 1) every time they make a booking. This non-refundable payment goes to Planyo and not your account and with this payment their reservation is confirmed. Without the payment the reservation is not entered into the system.

As an alternative, you can also let your customers pay the Planyo fee and the full reservation price in a single operation. In such case, the fee goes to Planyo and the reservation price to your own PayPal account.

In case of the first option (only a micropayment), if you have customers who frequently book with you, they can purchase a coupon for 10 entries (EUR 6) or 100 entries (EUR 30) and save up to 70% of the booking cost.

The admins receive a free coupon for 50 reservations when a new FREE account is created. After that time, admin-entered bookings are also free as long as the customers make at least 50% of the reservations (each time a customer makes an online booking, the admin's coupon is credited with 1 reservation). If most reservations are entered by the admin, the admin may also need to recharge their coupon (see the prices above) or simply enter new reservations by blocking given dates/hours instead of entering full reservation information.

Available features
Very easy set-up and integration with your websiteDETAILS
No software to install
Embed an availability calendar on your websiteDETAILS
Admin can enter one-time or recurring vacation periods when no bookings can be enteredDETAILS
An attractive, personalized site that you can use as your company's website is created for you
Accept reservations from customers who don't speak your language (Planyo is available 30 languages)DETAILS
You can decide which personal data is required for reservations (e.g. email, phone, address)
You can remove or add additional items to the reservation formDETAILS
Many options to fit the time model you normally use (start/end times & weekdays, min/max rental time, time between rentals)DETAILS
Quickly update availability for each time unit (day/hour/quarter-hour)DETAILS
Set-up assistant guides you through the process of setting up your Planyo site
Responsive design / BootstrapDETAILS
Special extensions and modules for, Joomla!, WordPress, MODx and Typo3
Facebook appDETAILS
Google Sites gadgetDETAILS
Use our iPhone and Android apps to administer your account on the go. We also have a frontend app for your customers so they can quickly make bookings with you and see your news and promotions.DETAILS
Mobile compatibility & Frontend+Backend Apps (Android+iPhone)DETAILS
Customize every screen visible by customers with templates and CSS
Your customers can make online reservations with immediate confirmation
Multiple customer-facing offerings possible for a single physical resource. Planyo makes sure only one can be reserved at any time.DETAILS
Printable invoicesDETAILS
Notifications by email and SMSDETAILS
Communicate with customers using an integrated communication mechanism. All administrators can view the conversation history.
Give your customers a possibility of managing their own reservations (view details, modifications, cancellations)DETAILS
Possibility to reserve additional products: one-time, (such as airport pick-up) or recurring (breakfast)DETAILS
Enter multiple seasons with different settings (min/max rental time, pricing, allowed start/end weekdays)DETAILS
Planyo can adapt to many different pricing models; pricing can be based on any criteria (like numer of guests, season, day of the week, length of stay, additional features etc.)DETAILS
Possibility to share a single resource by different customers (e.g. beds in a dormitory, bus seats)DETAILS
Different units of each resource (rooms or boats of the same kind) can be specified; admins can assign reservations to specific unitsDETAILS
Automated mailing to clients (before / after stay, after reserving etc.)DETAILS
Advanced reporting and data analysis (supported formats: HTML, PDF, CSV / Excel)DETAILS
You can use Planyo in a shopping cart mode -- customer makes multiple reservations and pays once when checking outDETAILS
Integration with your website's own login systemDETAILS
Secure data entry with SSL
2-factor authenticationDETAILS
Event-mode for events taking place once or on specific dates only
Reservations can be categorized into user-defined groups by using colors. Color assignment can be manual or automatic based on a set of custom rules.DETAILS
Customer reviews (star ratings, comments)DETAILS
Add custom properties to resources which can be used as search criteria (e.g. in case of rooms: smoking/non-smoking, number of beds, possibility to use internet)DETAILS
Geolocation search based on current location, address, or position on mapDETAILS
Limited features
Max. number of resources 10
Administrative roles1 (SITE ADMIN)
Max. number of Planyo sites administered by a single admin 1
Packages & BundlesONLY PACKAGES
Unavailable features
Very flexible booking process (support for: email verification, obligatory or optional payment - in parts or full, manual confirmation, automatic confirmation)DETAILS
Send marketing emails, after the rental is completed and also with MailChimp integrationDETAILS
Download a backup of your Planyo site in a ZIP archive. The backup will include information about resources, reservations, vacations, customers and schemes, all in the CSV format.DETAILS
No additional charge for accepting credit card payments (over 50 online payment gateways are supported)ONLY PAYPAL
Multiple administrators possibleDETAILS
Administrator can add agents who can conveniently enter reservations for their clients; the system can calculate agent commissionsDETAILS
Multiple possibilities for confirmation of bookings (automatic, by admin, special password or credit card)DETAILS
Support for vouchers and special discountsDETAILS
Support for iCal feeds (automatic import to Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal) / 2-way synchronizationDETAILS
Free email support (max 24h) plus phone support for Planyo PRO/PRO-COMM sitesDETAILS
Planyo store offers integrations with many popular cloud-based systemsDETAILS
Connect Planyo with hundreds of apps using a Zapier automationDETAILS
Coupons / Gift certificateDETAILS
META Sites / Online booking system for resources managed by independent owners / tourist regionsDETAILS
Planyo Sandbox - ability to test new configurations and features without affecting the production siteDETAILS
Import and export of data (such as resources, users, prices, reservations) using the CSV format

Create a fully-featured PRO or PRO-COMM account, the first 30 days are always free with no obligations. No credit card needed.