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Λεπτομέρειες κράτησης
  • YOU MUST ARRIVE 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR RENTAL START TIME. You will not be compensated for lost time if this condition is not met.
  • Every head (including infants) counts toward your person total. By law, you may not exceed boat capacity under any circumstance! Please check resource description to see this boat's capacity.
  • It takes a minimum of three persons to tube or ski. You must have a lookout person in addition to the boat operator.
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  • Εισάγετε συμπληρωματικές σημειώσεις εδώ. Τόσο ο επισκέπτης όσο και ο διαχειριστής μπορούν να τις δουν ή/και να τις τροποποιήσουν.
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