What's new

2010-07-31 New version of the plugins (v1.4) allows them to run correctly also when jQuery is used on the same page.
2010-07-31 You can now temporarily hide specific resources if you don't want users to be able to find them in the search or reserve them. This is very useful for production sites which want to test newly added resources before publishing them.
2010-07-31 We've added a powerful tool to set-up pricing: Pricing Manager. It replaces the old pricing settings: Discounts and Seasonal prices. This tool allows you to specify prices/discounts for a wide range of rules (e.g. depending on weekday, on date range, on number of persons etc.). Even complex pricing models can be entered into Planyo using Pricing Manager.
2010-07-31 When your clients add custom notes to their reservations, you will now see an icon next to these reservations in the Reservations tab. The notification emails' title will be also marked to quickly let you know there are custom user notes which you may need to respond to.
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