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2013-02-25 We're switching to WorldPay for processing of credit card payments. The biggest advantage for planyo customers is that you can now create a recurring payments agreement which will automatically charge the amount owed to planyo each month. If your monthly charges vary (e.g. months with no reservations are free, or if you add/remove resources), then the charge will also adapt. The old PayPal subscriptions didn't have this ability. As a direct consequence of this change -- as we're based in Switzerland -- we're also converting our pricing from EUR to Swiss Francs (CHF) using a better conversion rate than the current market one (we used EUR 1 = CHF 1.20). Note: existing customers are NOT obligated to switch their billing to CHF or to cancel their PayPal subscriptions. You can also use the WorldPay payments while still being billed in EUR. You'll find more details about this in the 'My Account' tab.
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