FAQ Q176: How does integration with Google Calendar and Google Docs work?

Planyo allows integration with Google calendar using two technologies: iCal feeds (see more here) or you can sync your Google calendar with Planyo directly. The second method is much better because the new reservations appear in your Google calendar immediately, while iCal feeds are updated by Google only once every 4-6 hours (this is controlled internally by Google and does not depend on Planyo in any way).

The Google synchronization is done with the Google Calendar Sync plugin. You can purchase the download version which you can keep on your server, or you can choose the easy-to-install subscription version. The extension will make sure your Google calendar is fully synchronized with the planyo calendar at all times, so adding an event in Google will mark given time unavailable in Planyo (imported as vacacations), and Planyo-entered reservations will appear in your Google calendar. You can use a single Google calendar for all your resources, or you can choose different calendars for individual resources. It's only important that you have access to all these calendars from your Google account.

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