There are two PRO versions of our reservation system: Planyo PRO and PRO-COMM. Both offer the same features but they differ in the pricing model.

Planyo PRO is based on a flat monthly fee. The price only depends on the number of resources you want to offer for reservation. Still, off-season months (without any reservations for these months) are free of charge. Click for the pricing calculator for Planyo PRO.
Planyo PRO-COMM: An alternative pricing model is also available (only for sites with defined pricing). In this model there is no monthly subscription fee but a commission of 1.5% is charged for all online reservations (min. fee is EUR 0.10 - 0.20). The reservations entered by the administrator are free of charge. This pricing model requires that you allow your customers to make online bookings through your website in a clear way. Click here for the details of PRO-COMM. Note: admin-entered reservations will only be charged (minimum fee, not full commission) if in a given month more that 75% of reservations are entered by the administrator. After each following month, this will be recalculated and the admin fees may be cancelled, always based on the percentage of admin reservations in the previous month.
You may switch between the two payment models at any time in the future.