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Q: Describe your business. Charity – santas grotto
Q: How do you use Planyo? Online payments and reservations for appointments to see Santa Claus
Q: Describe your experience so far. Great system, easy to install, easy to use and understand and fantastic technical support
Q: Describe your business. Psychologika is a site which lets you make an appointment with certified psychologists and experts in different fields. The consultations can take place online via skype or also by phone. The site also contains content written by expert psychologists.
Psychologika est une site qui permet de prendre rendez-vous facilement avec des psychologues diplômés et experts dans différents domaines. Les consultations peuvent être réalisés en ligne via skype ou bien par téléphone et mobile. Psychologika met aussi à disposition des internautes des contenus de psychologie en ligne rédigés par les psychologues experts.
Q: How do you use Planyo? We decided to use advanced integration of planyo into our website. We also use email and SMS notifications. Our Google calendars are also directly synchronized with the website.
Nous avons choisi d'utiliser la version d'intégration avancée de planyo directement dans notre site Internet. Nous utilisons aussi les notifications par emails et SMS. Nos calendriers Google sont aussi directement en lien avec le site.
Q: Describe your experience so far. Planyo is a complete reservation management system which allows Psychologika to offer a reliable web service. From the time of making the reservation until the appointment notifications everything is customizable in planyo.
Planyo est un système de gestion de réservation complet qui a permis à Psychologika de proposer un service fiable aux internautes. De la prise de réservation jusqu'aux notifications de rendez-vous pour les psychologues et les internautes, tout est paramétrable et ajustable sur planyo.
Q: Describe your business. We offer effective one-on-one Italian lessons.The teachers are all native speakers living in Italy and they meet with the students on Skype. All lessons are tailored to the students levels and needs and this ensures good results within a short time frame.
Q: Describe your experience so far. Planyo is a very flexible online booking system. It can be adapted do allmost any need, it is easy to integrate to existing web sites, and the pricing is very fair.
Per H. Jørgensen, Owner
Q: Describe your business. German lessons with a professional teacher over skype. Learn German online. Anytime and anywhere. Lessons for Beginners and Advanced.
Q: Describe your experience so far. I like planyo very much because it is so variable and I can adapt it to my needs. Thank you!